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ZenZen Yoga Arts

Goddess Lyra Livestream*

An empowering and transformative interactive practice that helps you become the goddess you are meant to be. Therese will help you sit in your power, remember your true nature, and embrace your authentic self. Through our supportive community, we help each other to call forth what is innately personal: our value, worth, inherent passion, and deep feminine presence. This is your journey to discovering and becoming the goddess you were meant to be.

*Participants must have a secure portable rig and lyra set-up for this activity. A laptop is recommended as we engage via Zoom.



ZenZen Yoga Arts

Balance Your Body Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together physical and mental disciplines to help the body and mind. It provides the benefits of increased flexibility, improved posture and balance, and enhanced strength and endurance. It also helps to calm the mind, balance the body's energies, and create resilience, allowing you to better manage the challenges of everyday life. With regular practice, yoga can help you to achieve an overall sense of wellbeing and a better quality of life.


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