Private Lessons 

Develop your unique style as a beginner or a seasoned explorer


If you are new to Aerial Silks or the Aerial Hoop here’s your opportunity to really get the attention you need and sharpen your focus in these two areas.  Or, if you’re familiar with the ribbons and the lyra, A 30-minute face-to-face with the instructor means you can work on moves you’ve been struggling with or maybe you just need a kick in the pants to boost your confidence.  You’ll get what you need to develop your personal style and gain a clearer understanding of the creative process.

75 minutes of personal attention and instruction in the silk ribbons or the lyra
Call, 414-973-9642, to schedule your Private Lesson Time Slot day and  time.

Commonly Asked Questions from Beginners


Do I need to be strong for aerial silks or aerial hoops?

As you begin, you really don’t need any amount of upper body strength.  But, the stronger you are, the better your results throughout the class.  Know that you will progress quickly. We make no assumptions about your upper body strength and will work with you.  We are aware that new students coming in have never tried silks or aerial hoops in their life, and are not used to the lifting, pushing, and pulling of their own body weight. Besides, you start from the floor and work your way up from the floor.  You’ll get used to the feel of the fabric or steel before you start supporting your own body weight.


How do I prepare for class?


Get physical.  Do any type of cardio exercise as this will help get you ready.   Since you’ll be targeting upper body and core, put some of your prep into crunches and pushups. We also recommend leg lifts and standing folds.  Take time to Google your exercise for proper form to prevent injury.


Can I hurt myself trying to do the movements?


Our number one concern is your safety.  We do everything possible to ensure you learn in an environment of compassion and care.  Listen to your instructor and you'll be amazed at what you're able to do.


What if I’m not very good at this?


You might find that it takes you a bit longer to get the hang of things, but you eventually will.  It doesn’t mean you’re no good at it.  We all learn at a different pace.  Keep in mind that you’re learning a skill that you never thought about before and that it could sometimes be a challenge for you.  Yes, some of the tricks will seem hard at first and then become easier with practice.  Why do you think skilled aerialists make it look so easy?  It’s their job.  It takes a change in attitude and more time practicing to make it work when it’s not working. Remember, we all have different strengths and learn differently.  What someone else does will not reflect on you.  Don’t forget, ask your teacher for help.  Set goals and, in time, you’ll accomplish your goals.  Above all, have fun as you learn.


Is there anything else I need to know?


After your first Silks or Hoops experience, start working your upper body and core more often.  Begin stretching on a regular basis–every day if possible. Practice the stretches you’ve learned in class, or go to a yoga class.