Important Information for Aerial and Bungee Participants

Safety First

Please listen to and carefully follow your instructor’s cues for safe and effective use of the equipment.  If you are having difficulty executing a movement, say so.  Don't be afraid to ask for assistance.  Stay safe and have fun.

Tips for making the most of your class

The night before class get enough sleep and avoid drinking alcohol

Dress in comfortable yoga wear.  Please, no shorts, no zippers, no fragrances or lotions

Bring water

Eat a light energy snack just before your aerial class, nothing too heavy

Bungee participants:  Bring extra pair of athletic shoes and socks No food for up to 2 hours before class time, only a light energy snack

Access our Building

Use the loading  dock entrance
ZenZen Yoga Arts

2625 S. Greeley St., Ste. 331

Milwaukee, WI 53207