Stay Fit This Winter
'The Joy of Bungee Workout'
Be amazing, awesome & fit

November 6, 27

December 11,18

6:15pm - 7:15pm

Special Price:  $18/person

We're jumping for joy with a new bungee workout this Winter! 

Get in shape this season.  The Joy of Bungee Workout is an hour of leaps, dives, and jumps that are high intensity and low impact on joints.  We'll get you set up with a harness and bungee cords to accommodate your size and fitness level.  Weight limit is 250 lbs.  Caution:  Due to the high intensity of this class, please consult your doctor if you are prone to heart disease, hypertension, dizziness, digestive issues, motion sickness or respiratory imbalances.

It is time to get back to where we want to be--so we can move forward.  Our studio has prepped the practice space to safely accommodate a small group for each session.  (1) All equipment is sanitized for each class.  (2) We'll allow 4-5 students per class with lots of space for movement between set-ups.

What to Expect

The highlight of this workout is that you will be strapped into a harness attached to bungee cords, providing you both assistance and resistance. This allows you to defy gravity and freely fly and jump in the air while doing cardio or dancing with the beats.


Arrive 10 minutes before class starts to get set up for your harness and bungee cords.  After completing each segment of the workout, you will have developed the confidence to bring your body and mind into full performance mode in executing choreographed movement.

Who can benefit 

This is an adult class for beginners, newbies, and returning bungee workout practitioners.  If you haven't had the opportunity to work your entire body for awhile, you'll love this workout.  It will change your perspective of just how much you can accomplish when you have the motivation to do your best.  

Can't wait to see you in a harness this season!

Love ya,


'The Joy of Bungee Workout' Teacher

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