Be Amazing, Be Awesome, Be Fit & Fly
Get in shape for summer by starting NOW.  Bungee Fit & Fly is an hour of leaps, dives, and jumps that are high intensity and low impact on joints.  We'll get you set up with a harness and bungee cords to accommodate your size and fitness level.  Weight limit is 250 lbs.  Caution:  Due to the high intensity of this class, please consult your doctor if you are prone to heart disease, hypertension, dizziness, digestive issues, motion sickness or respiratory imbalances.
1 Class Pass: $25
6-Week 6 Class Summer Shape Up
Bungee Fit & Fly (evening)
Bungee Fit & Fly (morning)
Spaces are limited
Bring a friend, burn calories, have super fun!
Bungee Fit & Fly
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1 class $25

Summer Shape Up Special $135