Workshop A:

Aerial Sling for Lyra Lovers

September 16, 2021

6:15pm – 7:05pm

7:25pm – 8:15pm

Using the aerial sling (hammock), you’ll be working against gravity to lift your body weight and hold strong poses.    This workshop emphasizes back, core and shoulder alignment.  With a foundation and specific muscle action you’ll be teaching your body how to balance on the aerial sling. This form of practice is one of playfulness.  You’re encouraged to stay lighthearted while you defy the laws of physics as you hang suspended just a few feet above the floor.  Express yourself in backbends, inversions and wrap your body in the fabric.  Your relationship with the ground will change. 

Who benefits from this Workshop?

If you've been practicing on the lyra and wish to translate your skills to the aerial sling, this workshop is for you.  At least one month of lyra classes and the ability to perform basic lyra positions is required to be successful in this workshop.

You must be prepared for climbing, pull-ups, and fabric tension against your body as you execute movement where hips, legs, and arms are supported.  This is a total mind-body workout that offers the lyra enthusiast a new perspective on creativity.

Our Course Objective

Movements will be divided into three workshops (more dates to be announced); limited to 8 students per class.  Ability to complete the following: Floating Candle, Floating Straddle Invert, Air Split, Half Catcher’s Plank, Catcher’s Climb, Catcher’s Bow, High Hip Key. 


More about the Aerial Sling

The aerial sling (hammock) concept is nothing new for gymnasts and performers.  We’ve now molded and redesigned it’s purpose to function for health, wellbeing, and fun.  This experience combines yoga, aerobics, pilates and acrobatics and you’ll see why its urban popularity continues to grow.  We give you techniques for using your hands, wrapping the fabric about your body, and proper breath control for an enhanced aerial encounter.  The experience is an individual one.  The practice is a universal play of consciousness and joyful abandon.  Free of constraints, limitations and illusions, we gain a deeper understanding of self and purpose.  The bigger picture of it all is one of pure joy.