Aerial Silks Practice


This class introduces you to the world of Aerial Silks.  It lets you suspend your body above ground while connecting to deeper levels of intuitive balance, focus, and strength.  You’ll be amazed at the beauty of mind and body expression that you create.   Aerial Silks are rigged from a single point in the ceiling and stream down to the floor with a flowing tail to help with balance.  As you wrap, twist and maneuver your way into and out of positions, you’ll have a feeling of control, concentration and aliveness.

Become familiar with Silks!

Start with…

2-Hr. Intro Aerial Silks Workshop

Then go on to…

1-Hr. Aerial Silks Practice (prerequisite:  1 Intro Aerial Silks Workshop)

You’ll learn the basics of foot locks, hitches, keys, and wraps.  Even if you have never been suspended above ground, you will acquire the skills for a fun, challenging, and strengthening experience as you shift weaker upper body muscles into high gear.

Intro Aerial Silks Workshop – No prior aerial experience is needed.
Aerial Silks Practice – 1 Intro Aerial Silks Workshop.
You must be in good physical condition and have a “can do, will do” attitude to really enjoy this class.

Intro Aerial Silks Workshop & Aerial Silks Practice