Aerial Adventure Parties!





Your engagement.  Your birthday.  Graduation.  Office team-building.  Something worth remembering in an Aerial Adventure.

No aerial experience necessary. Choose hammocks, silks, or hoops.  Here’s a chance to get all the girls together and do something different.   Just bring your laughter and desire to hang out together.



Aerial Hoop Adventure Party

Let us know if you’d REALLY like to be off the ground and into the air with an Aerial Hoop Adventure Party.  We’ll give you a lift to get you started and in no time you’ll be flying to destinations only you can describe!

Call to arrange a date and time for your Aerial Party, 414-973-9642.    Large group or small group, no problem.  We’re happy to host your weekday or weekend event.

Non-Refundable Booking Deposit