Hatha Yoga Talk

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Flex and Flexibility



Our body’s flexibility is one of the first things to go as we age.  We constantly need to be on top of stretching to open those tight spaces.  This class makes that happen.  You won’t believe how much easier everything in your life becomes when you’re more flexible.

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Easy Sun Salutations


Gain a sense of freedom and exploration through creative Ashtanga sequences. Be guided through a meditative vinyasa flow that takes you from muscle group to muscle group to awaken the whole body. Traditional Ashtanga with influences from creative styles of yoga are emphasized in this practice. Build strength, flexibility, and stamina while using the breath as a tool for movement.

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Hatha for Health & Happiness


Begin your day with this gentle, life balancing practice. Experience how gentle yoga will immediately make your body feel rejuvenated and bring calm to your mind and all body systems. We combine gentle postures linking them with breath and concluding with a short guided meditation.

All fitness levels are welcome.

To register for a Hatha for Health & Happiness Yoga class, go to Classes and Pricing.