Aerial Talk

Aerial Fit & Fun [Accelerated Level] – Tuesdays


Come to a class that speaks who you are…fit & fun.  You’ll demonstrate your ability for new ways of firing up muscle groups through the physical challenges of aerial acrobatics–balance, agility, and motor coordination. Transform fears into excitement and explore just who you really are.  Learn to open and receive what lies deep within you.  It’s your year!

To register or reserve your Fit & Fun classes, check out our Classes and Pricing.


Aerial Energize [Accelerated Level] – Wednesdays


Get ready for some all-over bodywork. You use the hammock (about hip height from the floor) to partially or fully support the weight of your body.

Aerial yoga postures are designed to help you create space in the body, decompress joints and your spine, increase balance, strengthen core and all joints.The experience of being in the hammock compares to nothing you’ve ever done before!

To register or reserve your Aerial Energize classes, check out our Classes and Pricing.


Beginner Level Aerial  - Mondays & Thursdays


We’ll teach you the fundamental positions and how to smoothly execute them…You’ll gain the skills you need to easily transition from one position to the next without hesitation…Just watch how your courage meter moves from Apprehensive to Amazing!

You’ll learn safety and how to lift and take off then come back to the ground. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you feel free!

To register or reserve your Aerial for Beginners classes, check out our Classes and Pricing.



BFF Girls Night Out


Celebrate Friday with your BFF and our Bring a Friend Free Girls Night Out.  Start the night with us in this wonderful stress-free, all-over body workout. You’ll enjoy how much fun you can have doing yoga poses in a hammock.  We’ll come away from the hammocks for some wine and appetizers.  The best part of all…you get to bring along a girlfriend for FREE! After class, you can stroll to one of the restaurants in the neighborhood and continue your night out.

To register or reserve your BFF Girls Night Out click here .




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